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November 15, 2017

For many recruiters, it is hard enough to find good software developers and often times even harder to make sure they are a good fit for you organization.

Many resumes are crammed with a litany of technical jargon which makes some candidates look very similar on paper.  In addition, many recruiters do not have a deep understanding of technology which makes it tough to successfully screen for technical talent.

When evaluating developers, it is always a good idea to open up a good dialogue rather than just check off the boxes for certain skill sets.

Here are a few interview questions designed to start a conversation and help determine if a candidate would be a good match for your open position.

1. Tell me about the most recent application or project you worked on - this is a fairly standard question, but it is open-ended and is a great starting point to get the candidate talking about what they have been working on most recently.


2. What did the application do? - this question helps give...

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Thomas Rauch

VP, Client Services @ DiscoverTec


15 years of Recruiting, Sales & Technology experience.  Husband, father of two boys, native Floridian and blogger who is focused on problem solving, client services and business development.  

Tom has over 15 years of staffing and sales experience and is currently a Director, Strategic Client Solutions for TAPFIN, leader in MSP solutions for contingent workforce programs.

You can find more information and interesting facts about Tom's background here.

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