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August 25, 2017

Over the last year or so here at DiscoverTec, there seems to be more interest from our clients around building a mobile app. I wanted to share some thoughts for businesses out there looking to build a mobile app and what we’ve learned from an agency perspective.

Do you even need one?

More and more mobile apps are added to the iOS and Google Play stores every day. We all have them on our phone and many websites that we visit are prompting us to download and use their mobile app instead. But the first question you need to ask is - does your business even need a mobile app in the first place? What are your goals for a mobile app? What are you trying to accomplish? 

Since many newer websites these days are responsive (mobile-friendly), a mobile app might not be necessary. If your main goal is for a better user experience for providing information to your audience, a re-designed mobile friendly site might just do the trick. If some of your goals require tapping into the fea...

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Thomas Rauch

VP, Client Services @ DiscoverTec


15 years of Recruiting, Sales & Technology experience.  Husband, father of two boys, native Floridian and blogger who is focused on problem solving, client services and business development.  

Tom has over 15 years of staffing and sales experience and is currently a Director, Strategic Client Solutions for TAPFIN, leader in MSP solutions for contingent workforce programs.

You can find more information and interesting facts about Tom's background here.

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