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December 1, 2017

On the market today are several new products and services that leverage artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning in an effort to change the recruitment and retention landscapes.

Some of these products definitely fall into the “cool” category – like those that predict when someone is likely to switch jobs, analyze facial features during an interview, or automate the onboarding process – but it remains to be seen how effectively these types of products will improve the overall recruitment process.

More Time to Be Human

One way that A.I. and machine learning are likely to have an immediate impact is by giving recruiters more time to have actual human interactions with candidates. Based on my own experience, I’d estimate that during the recruitment life cycle of any given open position, a recruiter may spend up to 30-40 percent of their time sorting through resumes and entering candidates into an applicant tracking system (ATS) instead of actually talking to candidates about t...

November 15, 2017

For many recruiters, it is hard enough to find good software developers and often times even harder to make sure they are a good fit for you organization.

Many resumes are crammed with a litany of technical jargon which makes some candidates look very similar on paper.  In addition, many recruiters do not have a deep understanding of technology which makes it tough to successfully screen for technical talent.

When evaluating developers, it is always a good idea to open up a good dialogue rather than just check off the boxes for certain skill sets.

Here are a few interview questions designed to start a conversation and help determine if a candidate would be a good match for your open position.

1. Tell me about the most recent application or project you worked on - this is a fairly standard question, but it is open-ended and is a great starting point to get the candidate talking about what they have been working on most recently.


2. What did the application do? - this question helps give...

October 9, 2017

In a candidate driven market, it can be difficult to identify and attract the best talent to your organization.  You need to have a good hiring strategy in place before you schedule your first interview.  

Here are 5 mistakes that are sure to turn away great candidates for your open position.

1. Unrealistic skill set

Unless the candidate happened to work at a lean startup, finding someone who can handle multiple roles is extremely difficult.  You are also going to stretch that person thin and not allow them to focus on their expertise.  

In the tech space, you probably don’t want to have just one person handling software development, network support, business analysis and project management.  

On top of that, most candidates that have come from mid-large sized organizations have probably specialized in one area.  Adjusting to constantly switching between several different roles would require a steep learning curve.

Before clicking the “post” button on your ATS, make sure the skill...

September 26, 2017

Technical staffing firms can seem like they are a dime a dozen.  It is certainly a crowded marketplace.  The barriers to entry are low, so anyone with a bit of experience can start their own firm.  

There are 2 sides to running an IT staffing business - clients and candidates.  You need both to thrive.  Acquiring and maintaining clients is key to any firm’s success.  After all, they are the ones paying the fees.  

Over the years, I’ve noticed 3 main traits that I feel lead to a successful client-vendor partnership in the staffing industry.

1.   Be Likeable

In the early days of my career, one of my first managers gave me some advice that has stuck with me through the years, “clients work with people they like”.  After all, staffing is a service and business is built on relationships.  Vendors have a huge selection of firms when it comes to who they want to work with.  Even if you have a signed contract with that client sometimes doesn’t guarantee that they will give...

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15 years of Recruiting, Sales & Technology experience.  Husband, father of two boys, native Floridian and blogger who is focused on problem solving, client services and business development.  

Tom has over 15 years of staffing and sales experience and is currently a Director, Strategic Client Solutions for TAPFIN, leader in MSP solutions for contingent workforce programs.

You can find more information and interesting facts about Tom's background here.

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